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Cutting Guide


I want to make sure that each of your guests can enjoy a slice of your delicious vegan wedding cake. I will leave instructions with the staff at your venue to explain the best way to cut your cake, but here is some guidance in case you are cutting your own:

    1. Start by taking off all the inedible decorations or ones you wish to keep
    2. Carefully take apart each cake tier and remove the internal dowels that supported each of these tiers
    3. Mark off each side of your cake in 1″ increments to make sure each slice is cut equally.  This ensures your guests all receive the same portion size and no one is left out
    4. Cut each slice vertically in either 1″ or 2″ wide pieces.  These portion options would have been discussed and advised during your initial consultation with me
    5. Start by cutting the largest tier first, wiping your knife in between slices to ensure each piece is cut evenly.  It might be nice to save and freeze a couple of slices to enjoy once you have received your photos back so you can reminisce about your special day once more

Wedding cake cutting guide and portion sizes